Sunday, June 13, 2010


-looks like i will be blogging every few weeks instead of twice a week..later this week i will be releasing my latest article . its about the case for feeling sorrow in heaven for the first 30 minutes, and how it might change our perspective of things down here..even just the concept of it happening should change us. it actually happening would make little sense..but if we believed it would,,i think we would reevaluate our time and thought process..

- I saw a ad saying that if you have crohn's disease and took accutane before hand that you can sue and win up to 8.4 million dollars,,as one of their clients allegedly got. i dont think i ever took it though,its a acme medicine that apparently causes chrohn's..but my face was clear as could be before i got sick ,unfortunately..or i would be on my way to 8 gone it.

-this morning i stopped at tim hortons for 2 chocolate donuts,,i ordered and the young man asked me if that was all i wanted..i told him yes,and drove up..well he gave me a dirty look as i pulled up,then in a voice of belittlement told me " you didnt even wait for the total guy"..ooooohhhhhhh i get it....its rude now if i drive up without getting a total that i already know .i ashamedly get donuts there a couple times a weekk.always 2--always comes to 1.70....but he has to go out of his way to rudely tell me i was rude for not waiting for a total...i said to him " did i offend you" in a middle of the line tone..and he ignored me,,man how dare i.....the best part of this is that i drove off and realized he got my order wrong..1 chocolate donut..1 vanilla.....maybe he should focus more on his job then what he perceives i should be giving him out of this whole sequence...unreal....tomorrow i will be getting a free donut out of all this,,i promise you that.

-----which brings me into a nice segway into my next point.....lately i have noticed that going thru a drive thru is becoming more of a fast food experience for the workers then the customers....i go thru drive thru's now,,not as often as i used to due to trying to eat better..but just about everytime,,it feels like they are cycling you thru so fast that you feel used,abused ,dirty ,and cheap after you get your food....they have those timers that award them for the speedier they can get you thru there..and boy did they want to get u thru fast..literally, they stand there with there hand out and make u feel like an idiot for trying to find the correct change..then when you do have change coming ,they give it to you and your food comes in the next fell your trying to put your change back in your wallet and they have your food out the window staring at you like you just killed their goldfish in cold blood..its so freaking uncomfortable an experience,,and this isnt just one place one happens just about whenever i go thru any drive thru....hey fast food workers..try not to make this so awkward an experience if you can....dont stuff the whole experience down our throats and make us feel guilty for not wanting both hands full of food and change.. give me a second please ,

sports thought of the day:

-If you have watched the nba finals ,you have noticed that there is alot of sound editing going on. That of course is happening because nba players feel the need to curse each other,the refs,and the air out at every chance they get..This got me thinking..why does david stern allow this to happen??? There should be no swearing on the court as an nba player..and of course i can hear the argument now...." you cant ask professional athletes not to swear during games" ....really? ?? why not? are they entitled? I can't curse at my job..and i doubt you can either..but the one exception we make is for grown men who make millions and are on national television? I tell you what,,my kids will never watch an nba game the way it is now..all these guys do is argue with the refs..on every call. no matter how blatant the foul was..its always a bad call....and when they are not cursing out a ref..they are cursing something else out....and the edit guys dont catch every a segment in game 2 i heard the following unedited phrase " we got this sH_t Ni$&a!!!!" ,,not a phrase you throw around at the office too often is it? but its ok cuz they are athletes who get angry easily!!! this is the one place this shoudlnt go on!!!! make a rule that you cant argue with refs at all unless your the coach,,and you cant use profanity on the is this hard? this would really be frowned upon ? by who???? so unreal...

- i am having a tennis tournament in july if anyone is interested,,20 dollar buy in..

- I can use some prayer bc i am really frustrated with my body lately....i never stop coughing,and my bowels appear to be acting up.....i know God has a plan for all this,,but i woudlnt be mad at him if i received a miracle as part of that plan in about 5 minutes from now... i am ALWAYS dizzy and my eyes dont focus..its matter how excited i am about what God is doing around me ..days still are hard when you just never feel right..not even close to right....i know my body has to align with how it was meant to be,and i believe that will happen in time..doesnt mean this second doesnt suck in the physical though...its just easier bc God is showing me so much that how can i doubt any of it.....but again,,it sucks to be depleted in so many areas of my body..more then i can explain..

" I will praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands,You are who you are,no matter where I am..Every tear I've cried,you hold in your hand,,You never left my side,and though my heart is torn,,I will praise You in this storm''

-Praising him in a storm you don't know will end is important..what if it never ends in the physical until we go into heaven? ..GOd doesnt give us disease..its a detriment of an imperfect world..but he yearns to take it and use it for good..GOd can take everything and make it good..if you let as much as I wanna give up somedays,,,the voice of truth is too loud for me to let that thought manifest anymore...

Which segways into a very cool story... Last July 5th my then girlfriends baby's father died as you all probably know. I happened to be at the scene of the accident..The survivor in the car,Brad Degroat was supposed to either die or be a vegetable for life..Well almost a year later he is alive,well,and preaching,,,saving souls...using the story of what should have been certain a launching pad to ministry...i talked to him on facebook chat a few weeks ago and asked him how many souls have been saved bc of his accident and hence forth witnessing to the lost..he said it diddnt matter how many have been saved so far ,it matters how many are left to be saved..very powerful statement right there...he could have bragged and given me a number...but he is focused on what needs to be done,not what has been done..and that is perspective at its finest as a born again christian... Well since I was at the scene of this accident,,i can't help but feel a certain closeness to brad,even though we barely have ever spoke..i coached him for about a week 5 years ago,before he quit due to never forget a kid you coach,,even if its just for a week.they are always special to you..anyways..the one time i saw him since, i felt this voice telling me to ask him to pray for me to be healed,,but i didnt ask..and when i spoke to him on chat a few weeks ago i felt like i was supposed to ask him again..but is the cool part of the story....Last tuesday I got a invite from a friend i barely ever see to play softball with him...he suffers from ulcerative colitis..the sister disease to crohn's and what i had for 5 years before contracting crohn's....We got to talking and i asked him how he was last time i spoke to him he was on high doses of prednisone and having blood in the stool..( a serious flare basically)...well he told me that about a month ago he went to brad's church to hear him preach,,then got prayed for after brad made an alter call for prayer,by one of the church elders...He said that as of that day he hasnt had an issues,,and even that very day went off the prednisone (it was his scheduled day to self ween off of it) for a month he has been drug free,and symptom free,,after being prayed for at brad's church....kinda crazy isnt iT? how is that not obviously divine??? also interesting,,,considering i felt urged to have brad pray for me for the same disease pretty much??? so im gonna go to his church next time he preaches..and get healed..sound good?

ok im loopy.....thanks for reading,,God bless.........Joeyd.


Anonymous said...

Joey I think you are an amazing young man. I have been reading your blogs and WOW you are an awesome writer! Your stories have really moved me. I missed church the day you shared your testimony (we were out of town) I really need to get the CD.
I will continue to pray for your healing; it is hard to have such a chronic incurable disease battling your flesh but it has definitely been drawing you closer to God! What a good example you are for all of us to follow!

jerken ledern said...

Accutane And Crohn'S Disease

The newly released studies show that using Accutane can nearly double the risk of developing serious bowel disorder compared to non-Accutane users.