Friday, July 23, 2010

A Miracle From God

On March 5th 2009 at 930pm I was taken to a Godly Universe for about one minute. It was auditory and gravitational ,and I knew it was God blessing me with his presence. It was an hour before I was to start my first full time shift in 5 years. Also having done so after devoting myself to quitting poker and working full time..

The first human contact I had after this out of body visit from the Lord was with a co-worker. I will call Mike. I told Mike about my experience and he asked me to pray for his brother ,Kami. He told me Kami had not left the house in years due to schizophrenia. Not even his room,other then to use the bathroom or go to the therapist .I prayed for him that weekend and when I saw him that following Monday night he told me that whatever “crazy shit” I was doing worked,and to keep doing it. He said that Kami came out of his room over the weekend and asked to watch television and eat cereal. He said this was a miracle in and of itself.

Fast Forward 16 months to last Friday. I had talked to Mike the past 16 months and Kami had not had any more breakthrough since that day last March. He was back in his room and not coming out. On the day a month ago that my original wart of over 5 years disappeared( read previous blog entitled "the one about the wart") after I prayed in faith for them to go, I got up and started praying for other miracles. One of which was Kami to not only get out of bed,but to actually leave the house.

Last Friday I took a resident out from my old house that Mike works at . I was leaving and I saw Mike on the phone. I waved to him and got in my car. God said “go back”. So I waited for him to get off the phone and went to talk to him.

The first thing he said to me was that The Lord had helped him with a issue he was having. He said it was only by the Grace of Jesus that he got thru what he was going thru. This is the first time I remember Mike initiating a conversation about God.

I then asked him how his brother was. He told me that about a month ago Kami came out of his room and asked to go to Wal-mart. He actually went out to Wal-mart for awhile and came back to the house after a few hours out. I jokingly yelled at him for not calling me the moment this happened. I asked Mike when was the last time Kami left the house like this and he said it had been at least 5 years.

In awe of God and the situation I told Mike the wart story. I told him that about a month ago I prayed that Kami would leave the house that very day that my wart disappeared. I believe that it was likely the same day I prayed this that Kami left the house. There is no way of knowing for sure but we both agreed it was about a month ago for both incidents. He was so happy and impressed by God and what he did for his brother, and for himself as well.

Mike says he is a Christian but next time I see him I’m going to ask my new favorite question for Christians . “Can you pinpoint the exact moment you prayed for Christ’s salvation?” I will write a blog in more detail soon about the misnomer that people have of their own salvation. I believe a lot of “Christians “ are walking around not even knowing that they may have never prayed the pivotal prayer. I believe some are deceived by assumption of an entry point of salvation, whether it be because their parents were christians and they grew up in the church, or for other reasons.

Anyways, it was no coincidence that the assumed same day that God made my huge wart of 5 plus years disintegrate without a trace of its existence ,he also helped a man who hadn’t left the house in 5 plus years go to Wal-mart.

God is real. And he wants to give you stories to share of his realness.

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