Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my first time actually seeing God in person.

It was somewhere around the summer of 2001. I had been so sick for so long that I could barely walk. I remember days where I would drag myself on the floor from my bed to the bathroom. It was about a 20 foot drag. If you have never died, you never know how close you are to death . I didn't know how far I was from it,but I remember wondering how much more sick you can get and actually still be breathing. Going to the bathroom every half hour for years takes it toll on your body. Add to that the fact that during the time I'm speaking of above,there was blood involved in almost all those bathroom trips,I was in dire shape. There was one day in particular where I was having one of the days I described above. I could'nt comprehend how I would live like this for much longer. I sat on my side at my computer ,which was pulled up next to my bed because it was hard to even sit up,and I begged the lord to show me that he was with me. I remember distinctly praying " Lord, I can't live like this anymore. Where are you? Please show me your with me thru all this." Not a second later, I kid you not,my computer went from windows and a black screen appeared and all of a sudden something like this started typing one character at a time, on my screen :
adfjklank bajiofadajipfea djiaadfedau894ju43890adam, dfa4n3w2l23n
2fadafsfda92q4-afldald9-p234mkflasd'jururjnsnb m.basgfadjklfhnvbn nmbjankl
hifnkasdnfan gyibadkf5y83o2nj19-pamldjfhikadfnah0-poalap-akau890a

this string of characters went on for about 30 seconds and spanned about 30 lines.... then all of a sudden it stopped,and windows fired up again..............overwhelmed yet still in my own flesh doubting what I had just seen I said again " Lord if that is you,do it again." ....a second later,, The exact same thing happened. 30 seconds of mass random characters being typed on dos and then windows firing back up.. I never saw that before or after happen again...God was faithful to my cry-out. He showed me that he was not gonna leave me this way,and in fact he had it all under control. The fact that I was not even a practicing christian then and he still was willing to send a supernatural sign is very cool. God always knows what he is doing, and 9 years later his works that day are still a part of my testimony. God knew I was years away from coming to him the way he wanted me to ,but he still was faithful to me. I have other experiences that I will share eventually,but to my knowledge this is my story of the first time I ever saw God work with my own eyes.

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