Sunday, May 2, 2010

for my avid followers

For my avid followers I will try to post something at least twice a week. I know most of the 5 of you,if not all 5 of you,are in withdrawal from me not posting for almost 2 weeks. I have been trying to conjure up a motif for this blog and in my pondering have been so confused by my own mindful dwellings that I have not posted. So I have decided to just be random as all heck and not worry about it at all.

I threw out all my secular cd's in the Delta Sonic garbage can next to the gas pump about 6 months ago. It was about 75 cd's. I thought about selling them or giving them away, but figured if I dont want to subject myself to some of that crap then why subject someone else. I do find myself missing a few choice cd's lately. Anything by Ben Folds and Travis is missed sorely. I do find my spirit is being bettered by only listening to christian music though. I tend to road rage less now then when i was listening to my depressing or hate filled music in the car. Ha. Here is a song by Travis that is probably their best song in my mind. They are very very good..right jim ?

Song of the blog ; Travis ; Turn..

QUOTE OF THE BLOG : " WHAT ARE YA HELEN KELLER!!??!!" - Uncle Chris at Thanksgiving when i passed the salt instead of the pepper..

SECOND QUOTE OF THE BLOG: " Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved" - Helen Keller.

SPORTS THOUGHT OF THE BLOG : --- Seriously Grant Hill has been in the N.B.A. 17 years and never made it to the 2nd round until last nite? He is the embodiment of winner in college,winning 2 straight ncaa titles,graduating with a 4 year degree ,throwing probably the greatest pass in basketball history to christian laettner against kentucky.. Think about it,can you think of a better ,more significant pass in basketball history? he threw the ball like 80 feet in the air (how far is it from baseline to foul line? ) ,stationery,coudlnt run the baseline ,to the best player on the court,who had 2 guys on him,...i mean what a pass...anyways.. what a loser at the pro level..6 years in the playoffs only in 17,and never got past the first round..remember when he was the best player in the nba in the mid 90's? he was the lebron of the mid nineties when Jordan was on Gambling suspension, I mean retirement. actually he was probably just the best player in one year,,but still ,,then his knees went turncoat on him,he almost died of some weird infection,and now after 17 years,the man is a defensive specialist for a 2nd round playoff team. I had a art teacher in High school who played ball with him in high school and he used to say when asked about Grant,,"Grant Hill? dems my boy!" ,,well your boy finally got out of the first round of the nba playoffs Joe Burgel..I for one am rooting for him to win a title (although its never gonna happen because alpha whiney dog mcgee awaits in the conference finals)

GOD THOUGHT OF THE BLOG: I preached for the first time ever last week at my church's youth group. I had about 24 hours to prepare,but God blessed it. When it boils down to it ,If you can take one experience and touch one person's life,that's all that matters. You can speak in front of 50,000 people or 5 ,and if you can touch one person,its a success. The message I brought touched one person at least enough to come forward and tell me that " Your message really hit home for me like none I have ever heard." It was his first time in a church of any kind he said. He had dealt with feelings of inadequacy in his life. My message in summation was about not letting self hatred dwell in you because it can cause so many other problems,including physical disease. To make a long story short,he accepted Christ that nite. Basically the goal in being christians is to bring people to the glory with us. Really its all that matters,so I consider my first time speaking a success based on that desire alone. I am thankful to God for putting it together ,even on short notice,knowing that this young man was gonna be attending church for the first time in his 19 years on earth. Its not me,It's God..But keep using me please..4 souls since October,,more than 5 months without placing a bet..I want my new addiction to be one that is compelled to outreach. Is there such thing as a healthy addiction outside of God's work? I'm not sure the answer to that question. I will be speaking at New Hope Church in Greece hopefully sometime later this month.


1) I can't stop being a "competitive punk" ..I am too competitive. I am "angry young guy" on the softball field..If your not sure what that means ,let Jim Rome explain .
..... haha.....but seriously, last nite i tried to steal Jon Hogan's cut-off and he got pissed in a calm Jon Hogan way. I was playing short and the ball was hit deep to right, so its the 2nd basemen(Jon Hogan,,aka blue shoes)cut. However I knew there was gonna be a play at home,and I knew blue shoes didnt have the arm to throw it from deep right to the plate, so i ran out in front of him to cut the ball off...first of all,thats not cool to do to someone,its insulting actually . Second of all, of course my arm is major league-esque,but you gotta know your role..Jon asked me why i did it. i said i was just running out there for fun, a blatant lie. I later told him the truth,that he didnt have the arm for what i saw coming..He told me he knows me so he isn't mad but anyone else and he would have been pissed.. This is me on the softball full of rational in my mind ,yet on the surface disemboweled enthusiasm,that often comes out as a "competitive punk" ...come to think of it this is me coaching basketball, golfing, or playing shuffelboard this something i need to change or is it what makes me me?

2) I am not a fan of taking the time to punctuate properly so forgive me . I spent 15 years in school with proper grammer and look where it got me, i just finished a 24 hour shift and am blogging at a library at noon on a tuesday afternoon..punctuation is overrated...

3) i have a friend whom has a look alike everywhere i go. his name is josh demille and no matter where i go, be it a different state , a sporting event, a wedding or a restaurant, there is someone who strongly to very strongly resembles him. It's seriously the oddest thing going on in my life right now,and it fascinates me to no end.

4) I could type for about the next 3 hours on the divine things I have seen God do in my life. Even Naysayers and skeptics would struggle to take my body of work in seeing Christ in the most succinct ways ,and be able to refute it as mere coincidence..These things are not coincidence or mindful delusions!!! They are so real,and so crazy ,yet perfectly divine and obvious in that manner.

5) I find myself thinking about My unborn kids alot lately. I now know its possible to miss something you have never even known, because I really miss and love my kid(s) that I am not even close to meeting yet. Interesting?

6) Next time your in an elevator ,get in and face all the people instead of the door and then enjoy the most awkward 30 seconds or your and the people in the elevators life.. I'm gonna do it my next time in one for the first time. Let me know when you try it .

ok thats it..see you soon,thanks for being so loyal a reader..your check is in the mail.


Justin said...

OH the randomness I love it... Thanks for sharing Joe

Anonymous said...

Your arm might be major league esque but your throws go over the backstop. At least mine would have been on point if a second late. I like the thoughts. I'll check back often.

sheryl said...

I love your insight, humor and the music. I skipped the sports part. As evidenced by your preaching to strangers as well as the elevator thing, for someone with no colon, you've got guts.